M phil allowance notification kpk 2019

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M phil allowance notification kpk 2019

Here we will talk about the current and latest piece of information that how much revision and specified changes are done by this KPK Government in their employees basic salaries.

This KPK Government has revised their minimum salaries, they have bring changes in their maximum salary range and their increment area is too revised. So if you were searching for these kind of details, we hope that you have reached to the correct spot. We can give you this example that if you are on BPS 14 scale then your latest one minimum income amount will come out as Rs. These are official revisions which have taken place.

Below we have collected more recent and latest information on revised pay scale This decision and final notification is also issued by this government that these grade officers increment amount will come out as Rs If one has to specifically talk about the revised scale of BPS post, then their average one and basic income has come out as Rs.

As this KPK Government of Pakistan has revised and all updated the salary ranges and grade scale of their official posts. In same sway, other provincial governments have carried out this revision too. If you want to know about their revisions then you need to stay tuned with us for more time. Sunday, 12 April Add Comment Cancel reply Post Comment.The Punjab Government has issued orders vide NO.

The ban will have exceptions only A notification has been issued vide No. The Government of Punjab has allowed hiring of services of plumber, electrician, helpers etc on contingent basis during the Corona pandemic period maximum for 6 months. The services of selected A notification vide No. The Government of Punjab has issued notification for closure of all schools, colleges, medical colleges, Technical and Vocational institutions, universities both public and private for 3 weeks as well as The School Education Department Government of the Punjab has declared 15th and 16th November as holidays in all public and private schools located in Lahore, Faisalabad and Gujranwala districts The order came after The Chief Minister of Punjab imposed complete ban on all types of ex-Pakistan leaves on all employees of the Government of the Punjab vide notification dated 19th October, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The notification was issued vide No. The notifications issued by Government of the Punjab issued from time to time have been thoroughly analyzed and it has been found that the Punjab government servants do not require NOC for M.

Phil and Ph. Not Required by Punjab Government Employees. Skip to content. Find any Notification! Search for:. Recent Notifications!Planning Cell. Annual School Census Report.

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ADP Education Sector Plan. Notification: Extension of Winter Vacations for all Gov. Transfer Adjustments of DEOs General Posting Transfer SS H Civics Notification. Notification - Observance of Solidarity with Kashmiries. Notification - Adjustment of Mrs. Notification - Services of Mrs. Notification - Posting of Mr. Farhat Sultana Headmistress BS Notification - Winter Vacations in summer zone extended up-to due to harsh cold weather in the Province.

Notification - Appointment of 6 Subject Specialist Economics. Repatriation notification of Mst.

Notification of Grant of Ph.D and M.Phil allowance to Government Employees

Samia Zaib Principal BS Notification - Promotion of Sr. Notification - NO. Corrigendum - No. Notification - Adjustment of Mst. Rukhsana Safdar Headmistress Haripur.

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Notification - Mst. Salmana Zaman Subject Specialist Peshawar. Notification - No. Notification - Winter vacations for the Academic Year Winter Vacations Notification - Procurement Committee for hiring of consultancy firm for mainstreaming of Dyslexic Atudents in Government Schools ofpPilot districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Notification - Enhancement of Seats No. Zubaida Khatoon BS Swabi. Notification - Transfer and Posting of Mst. Nargis Khatoon Headmistress Lakki. Enset No.

Corrigendum - General Posting Transfer Mst. Shaista Bano. Order - No. Nadia Begum. Notfication - Adjustment Mst. Sajida Aziz SS Abbottabad. Zohra Bibi.THE federal government had agreed to provide an M. Phil allowance to all those eligible for this allowance. The finance secretary has said that relief cannot be granted owing to a lack of legislation on the subject.

Even the Peshawar High Court has given a verdict that the allowance should be allowed to all those who have completed 18 years of education according to the Higher Education Commission criteria. It is gross injustice that two students are enrolled in the same year, sit exams in the same pattern and pass the same credit hours and one is granted the allowance and another is refused only because of a different nomenclature. Phil allowance From the Newspaper October 30, Facebook Count.

Twitter Share. There should be a clear policy on the matter. Lawmakers are requested to resolve this issue. Read more Online classes not possible for many.

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Laughing it off. Milk profiteers. On DawnNews. Comments 0 Closed. Latest stories. Most popular Virus kills over Pakistanis in New York. Govt again bans export of anti-malaria medicine. Woman dies as chaos rules cash distribution centres. Pakistan is abandoning cotton for water guzzling sugarcane. South Korea reports 91 recovered coronavirus patients test positive again. Ancient plagues. Must read. The laws applicable to the rights of religious minorities have shifted from being neutral to blatantly discriminatory.

Fazal Khaliq. Abbas Nasir. The inquiry report on the sugar and wheat crises promises to set the news agenda in the coming days. Sulema Jahangir. Asad Rahim Khan.

m phil allowance notification kpk 2019

Irfan Husain. Corpses would rot in the streets. One can multiply that April 12, Mob attack on police THE issue of the temporary closure of mosques and other places of worship to prevent mass gatherings during the April 11, Ehsaas begins THE largest distribution of direct cash assistance to the poor and unemployed began on Thursday as 4m people out of However, in such unprecedented globalThe Government Employees of Punjab were given the entitlement to get a special allowance Ph.

Phil and LL. M in a previous notification back in The minimum criteria were to have 18 years of education in their academic career. Now so many government employees had already taken this allowance since then. Many of you still have confusion and were asking about the equivalent degree to M. Phil, MS. The questions were based mainly upon, are the people who have an equivalent degree will be eligible to get the Ph.

M Allowance as per notification of So, now the government has issued another notification regarding this Ph. Phil, MS or LL. M allowance. This new notification has cleared the ambiguities in the previous Ph. Phil, MS and LL. M notification issued in Basically, the main objective behind giving this allowance was financial help.

It was given to those government servants who were working on lower scales but they have acquired higher education. It is an encouraging step by the way. Where this allowance was awarded to the government servants, there was also some kind of ambiguities arose.

No doubt many of these were arose by the clerical staff who wants bribe from every government employee who required this allowance.

m phil allowance notification kpk 2019

D allowance. Any employee of the Punjab Government can take applications for the said allowance by fulfilling the requirement of his or her department. So, that was the previous story of this allowance.

The government of Punjab has issued a notification no. M allowance There is very good news for many of the government employees through this new notification of such as:. In the previous notification of regarding the higher education allowance, there was a rule that for example; if a person is recruited on a particular job for example a lecturer on basis of M.

Phil, then he was not entitled to get this allowance. It was a rule of in the previous notification. M allowances, the government of Punjab has superseded all the previous notifications by allowing all the employees with effect from Now if a person is recruited on Ph.

M he is totally entitled to get this allowance. The allowance notification of has clearly stated in his 1 point that this allowance is admissible to all of the employees working in any circumstances or any administrative units. Now the employees neither be assessed on the basis of their minimum required education for their current job nor about the nature of their work. All of the employees who are eligible for this are cleared to get this allowance without any trouble.

Just grab your degree of Ph. Phil or LL.

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Now, there will be no question is left behind whether people working under such departments are admissible or not. All of them are now eligible to get the allowance. In the 3rd point of this notification, the amount of this allowance is settled as before.Latest Updates. Auditor General of Pakistan. Accountant General of Pakistan Revenue. Controller General of Accounts.

m phil allowance notification kpk 2019

Site Coordinator: Faheem Anwar, Webmaster. Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan. Supplement Stat. System of Financial Control and Budgeting as updated Clarification on Exercising 2nd option of Premature Retirement before attaining the age of superannuation.

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Notification of Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 KPK Government

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Strategy for Release of Funds for Financial Year Minimum Pension. Increase in Rate of House Rent Allowance. Statutory Notifications S.

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Order Passed in Appeal No.With special thanks to Mr. All students from Grade 1 to 8 are encouraged to make use of the digital contents to enhance their knowledge and skills.

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Teachers are also requested to explore the digital contents and share their feedback. Content is for grades for Math, English and Science. User Manual.

m phil allowance notification kpk 2019

For details click here. Once you have registered, use the link below to login and start your course right away; Login Link. Elementary and Secondary Education Department is the biggest of all departments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has more than 1,87, employees. About 4. No country of world can succeed in attaining the cherished goal of socio economic development without having an efficient, highly skilled and qualified public Education broadens one's thoughts and plays a vital role in shaping a successful life.

An educated mind can do many things which an uneducated cannot do. It gives us the opportunity to become a productive member of a civilized society by acquiring all the necessary skills TaleemGhar Grades 1 - 8 With special thanks to Mr. For details click here Registration Link Once you have registered, use the link below to login and start your course right away; Login Link. View All News. Planning Cell.


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